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The Foodscape / Revolution


About our Foodscape Revolution

In response to suburban sprawl and a need to reconnect to where our food comes from has come the Foodscape Revolution. Coined by author, horticulturist, and designer Brie Arthur, this term is about “food gardening in plain sight.” Food scaping combines ornamental horticulture and home growing food crops, which can also be incredibly beautiful. There’s no need to create a specific distinction between a beautiful garden and edibles. It is taking down the barriers of raised food beds or traditional garden beds and mixing them together, both in home landscapes and commercial settings.
Gardening and growing your own food are a significant trend in the U.S. and around the world. Our Foodscape / Revolution from saving money to convenience, health benefits and supporting our pollinators, and people are growing their own and their appetites for learning how to do it more and better.

Horticultural Activation Idea Starters

The Foodscape/Revolution can be built into various Expo locations. Examples of the concept
can be planted in Our Green/Future, around Expo buildings, and in a biodome. To inspire return
visits to the Expo site, we need an amazing restaurant. With the Green Dome, we envision a
botanic garden-style glass dome that, instead of being filled with tropical plants, it’s filled with
indoor agriculture. It’s all about growing food crops – indoors or out – in a beautiful setting
that’s welcoming year-round. At the center of this stunning venue is a gorgeous restaurant
with locally sourced cuisine. There is the education component of growing your own food, the
draw of farm-to-table restaurants, and an Instagram- worthy setting. Imagine having dinner in
the dome on a starry night. Dreamy. Beyond the Expo, this restaurant and Green Dome would
be a fantastic special event and wedding venue, continuing to highlight great regional
agriculture and horticultural crops.



While there may be more SDG Program alignments, here are the primary Global Goals aligned with our Foodscape Revolution


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