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Our Green / Future


About our Green / Future

In a world with an accelerating climate emergency, embracing a more sustainable, green society is necessary. This theme explores how our lives will change to slow the warming planet.
In a parallel track, this shares how people can engage with a green movement and build a career in horticulture or a related green industry. We need a collective effort to advance horticulture and expand its integral role in staving off climate change and advance green economies to create a more beautiful world for future generations.

Horticultural Activation Idea Starters

Build a “green” house of the future, showing all the opportunities to create a more sustainable,
ecologically friendly home inside and out. Create a lab to discuss research topics that impact us
all, from pest and disease management to plant breeding and wildlife/wetland restoration.
Develop a career center, showing the array of opportunities that exist to work in the green
industry, as well as for educators to connect with future students.



While there may be more SDG Program alignments, here are the primary Global Goals aligned with our Green Future.


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