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About our Media Lens

As a driving force in global media, the United States’ influence in how people learn about green living is literally at their fingertips, on their mobile phone. While there may be an inherent disconnect in the obsession of technology with nature, there can be great power in driving a connection to understanding the need for plants in a way that previous generations haven’t had to face.
People of all ages are seeking a reprieve from technology and searching for an escape in nature. This concept offers the opportunity to use media to deepen the connection to a greener, more sustainable world.

Horticultural Activation Idea Starters

Green-fluencers like Mr. Flower Fantastic and other Black, Indigenous, and people of color
(BIPOC) artists creating a rotating living art exhibit to encourage diverse participation and returning attendees. Building an on-site green home in partnership with a media entity. Filming
a garden design competition show over the span of the event. Interactive opportunities to
shoot your own green thumb TikTok videos in a designed landscape, creating and arranging fresh cut flower bouquets, or green wall step-and-repeats.



While there may be more SDG Program alignments, here are the primary Global Goals aligned with our Media Lens.


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