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Native / American Landscape


About our Native American Landscape

We celebrate the people and the plant life; all that is indigenous to Turtle Island (Turtle Island is a term used by some Indigenous peoples for North America / the United States). We explore the horticultural practices and long-lasting impact of the Indigenous people, celebrating the cross-section of horticulture and agriculture across the country. In a similar respect to what has been here long before today’s society is a celebration of the native flora of what is currently known as the United States of America.
Native plants are the bedrock of our landscapes and our nutrition, and there is significant diversity within our wide-ranging climates. We have the privilege of experiencing the native prairies of the Upper Midwest, tropical plants in Hawaii, alpine high elevation landscapes in the Rocky Mountain region, xeriscape design in the Southwest, and the towering redwood forests on the West Coast. The combination of these foundational societal elements provides a uniquely American perspective on how people and plants positively impact culture, environment, food systems, and today’s landscapes.

Horticultural Activation Idea Starters

Bioswales of Minnesota native plants for water filtration along parking lots and high traffic
areas. A 360° indoor dome displaying separate landscapes celebrating American native plants
where each are displayed together highlighting the vast diversity of species. Interactive displays
of prominent Indigenous horticulture and agriculture crops.



While there may be more SDG Program alignments, here are the primary Global Goals aligned with our Native American Landscape.


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