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DLR Group designs Master Site Plan for Expo 2031 A-1 International Horticulture Application

Updated: Jan 30

January 19, 2024

Expo 2031 Lead Architect is David Loehr, Principal, DLR Group

Our Expo 2031 Master Site Plan for our A-1 International Horticulture Exposition includes features:

Eco-friendly design and experiences

• Solar farm with a parking lot underneath

• Rain garden to water and serve the entire expo property

• Biodomes

• Gondola ride offering a panoramic view of the expo

• Walking nature path integrating with the current nature preserve

• Light footprint design ensures that the site stays in pristine condition

Inspired by nature design features

• Paisley pattern welcome garden with interactive media floors

• Garden amphitheater

• Connected bike path through the nature preserve

• Observatory for celebrating summer solstice and vernal equinox

Clustered program & thematic sections

• Flexible outdoor spaces for concerts, picnics, and activities

• Contest pass for horticultural contests and competitions

• Thematic pavilions

• Seasonal flower features

• International country zones

• Sponsor partner zones

• Sample clustered program section including garden pavilions, interpreter center, small theater, and cultural market

For more insight about our Master Site Plan connect with David Loehr at

DLR Group is a global, integrated design firm with a core practice in architecture, engineering, interiors, and planning.

You can learn more about their global design practice at

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We truly appreciate David and DLR Group's Expo expertise and leadership!

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