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Letter of Support for Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA from United States Senator Amy Klobuchar

March 22, 2024

I write in support of Minnesota's nomination to be the host site for the 2031 A1 International Horticultural Expo. Minnesota has long been known for its welcoming atmosphere, diverse communities, and endless attractions; and I have no doubt that the Land of 10,000 Lakes would be the ideal place to host the expo in 2031.

As the most vibrant state in the Midwest, Minnesota is home to some of the best park systems in America, award winning restaurants, robust retail and entertainment opportunities, and most importantly, our thriving agriculture community. For centuries, agriculture and horticulture have been ingrained in our state's DNA and culture. From the cutting-edge research and innovation taking

place at the University of Minnesota to the industry leading agribusinesses to the countless acres of farmlands, Minnesota has a rich horticultural and agrarian heritage that continues to serve as the backbone of our economy and shape our culture.

Overall, Minnesota is in the top ten for agricultural production, including both crop and livestock production. It is the top producer of sugar beets, turkeys, and green peas, and is consistently a leader in farming other major commodities such as corn, soybeans, and hogs. Minnesota is also one of the top exporters for agricultural commodities, generating over $26 billion annually for one of the state 's largest industries. For generations, Minnesota's agriculture community has been integral to

our identity, as evidenced by the countless contributions its businesses, organizations, and farmers have made to our state. The state's robust network of public-private partnerships has also contributed to a symbiotic ecosystem that continues to support fanning of all shapes and sizes.

Again, I support Minnesota's nomination to be the host site for the 2031 A1 International Ho11icultural Expo.

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We appreciate your support Senator Klobuchar! #expo2031

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