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ISIE Spring 2024 Forum coming 5.3.24 featuring our Expo 2031 Application & Korat Expo 2029

Updated: Apr 24

Our Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA Presentation will include:

Flower Power: Creating a World Horticultural Expo and it's Legacy

Is the U. S. Garden Consumer Market ready to lead the way to the next World Expo in the USA, we think so.

Hosting a A1 World Horticultural Exposition in Minnesota, USA in 2031 would be a first.

This presentation will Include an overview and insights behind the official Expo 2031 Application update from key designers and contributors, this presentation will share the insight behind the Theme, Site Design, Horticultural Programming, Sustainability Legacy and US Consumer Engagement Strategy. A US World Horticultural Expo has the power to convene and augment the US Horticultural Industry, a key segment of the overall green industry. This behind the scenes look will also focus on how leveraging the expertise of the Horticulture Industry will bring in a new era of Expo legacy to American Consumers transforming the US Garden-loving public into Plant  and Climate-educated globally-minded citizens.

From industry impact to US Consumer Engagement and Experienced- this is a different type of Expo.

Our Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA Application team is focused on three key areas:

  • Site Design/ Horticultural Theme/Programming- David Loehr + Ryan McEnaney

  • Sustainability/ Legacy- Dina Storey

  • Theme Extension / Communications and Digital Platforms- Wendy Meadley

The application is more streamlined than its world or specialized expo counterparts that are voted on by countries. Expo 2031 is focused on building international industry relations and trade at its core. From that baseline we have engaged U. S. federal, Minnesota state, Horticulture trade and Key stakeholders to support a solid framework to build upon.

While there are two primary phases, the Application and the Design/Development, Build, we also see three conceptual engagement phases post Application approval including: World Community, Metaverse and Digital Twin.


  1. What differentiates a World Horticultural Expo from a World Expo?

  2. How is the EXPO 2031 A1 World Horticultural Exposition Application structured?

  3. The Application Timeline is just about a year... What programmatic components does it include?

  4. What is the theme of Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA?

  5. Where is the proposed site and what does the Master Plan look like?

  6. What are the key Sustainability features to offset the heavy Horticulture consumption needs of the Expo?

  7. When will we know that the Expo 2031 Application has been approved?

  8. How will convening the U.S. Horticultural industry transform the Expo 2031 Master Plan into a legacy-builder?

  9. How will our three development phases will be paired with horticulture-infused SDG- aligned U. S. Consumer engagement campaigns?

Presenters (in order of appearance)

David Loehr, Lead Architect & Strategic Advisor, Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA

Ryan McEnaney, Board Chair, Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA

Dina Storey, Board Member, Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA

Wendy Meadley, CEO, Expo Minnesota, USA

About ISIE

The ISIE is a global interdisciplinary network of researchers interested in the design, promotion, reception, and consequence of the world’s fairs and expositions held since 1851. Though rooted in the history of architecture, science, diplomacy, art, and technology, our members hail from many disciplines and we welcome the participation of all those interested in exploring the many intersecting aspects of international expositions. 

You can join ISIE and have access to the Membership Portal,

ISIE Committee

Dr. Lisa D. Schrenk / Professor of Architectural History, The University of Arizona

Dr. James Fortuna / Ph.D., University of St Andrews

Dr. Flavia Marcello / Professor of Architectural History, Swinburne University of Technology

Constanza Robles Sepúlveda / Ph.D. Candidate, Boston University

Dr. Guido Cimadomo / Associate Professor, University of Malaga (Spain)

Dr. Sarah J. Moore / Professor of American Art History at the University of Arizona

Charles Pappas / Senior Writer for Exhibitor magazine

César Corona / Assistant Director of Engagement at the USC Center on Public Diplomacy, and CEO of

Joseph Siml / BArch student, University of Arizona

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We are REALLY looking forward to this and to sharing the day with our colleagues from Korat 2029!

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