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Thank you for joining us to learn more about Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA

We appreciate your time and interest in Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA. Following an important aspect of our mission, to operate as sustainably as possible beginning day one, we are being as paperless as possible. 

This landing page is not public and is not meant to be shared via social media or other broadcast channels. 

We are providing a convenient way for the full range of stakeholders we are engaging with to be able to access the specific details they need to explore their approach to Expo 2031 Minnesota USA and gain the support necessary for them to move forward.

Please consider these documents to be for the limited audience you were in when you participated in a meeting with the Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA team.

Thanks again for your interest an we look forward to exploring your participation in this expansive development project.

Feel free to Contact Wendy Meadley, CEO, Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA Application through the form below >>>

Expo 2031 

EXPO 2031 Application Overview

Let’s Explore the Opportunity

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Thanks for your interest!

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