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Letter of Support for Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA from Bill Goins & Dr. John Pournoor on behalf of the International Commerce and Mobility Forum

April 19, 2024

As the Leaders of the International Commerce & Mobility Forums (ICMF), we are pleased to express our support for Minnesota's application to host the A1 World Horticultural Exposition in 2031, under the theme "Human/Nature: Where People and Horticulture Meet." Our Forums champion the integration of trade and transportation initiatives to ensure that mobility solutions are sustainable and accessible, aligning with the goals of the proposed exposition.

Minnesota’s agricultural sector, a cornerstone of our state’s economy, excels in producing a wide array of crops and is a pioneer in sustainable agricultural practices. The state's capacity to bring these products to market efficiently relies on innovative and resilient supply chains and transportation systems, areas where our interests deeply converge. Hosting the first A1 World Horticultural Exposition in the United States offers a unique platform to showcase how Minnesota’s agricultural strengths can be enhanced by advanced mobility and logistical solutions, promoting a model of sustainability that integrates economic viability with environmental stewardship.

With its rich mosaic of multinational corporations, academic institutions, healthcare facilities, and nonprofits, all supported by an advanced network of mobility and transportation professionals, Minnesota is uniquely positioned to host an event that draws on the intersection of agriculture, commerce, and sustainable living. This environment is ideal for demonstrating the critical role of transport and logistics in the agricultural sector, from farm to market.

As a Minnesota-based collaborative, the ICMF understands our state’s ability to host, build, and captivate global audiences through events that not only celebrate but also practically advance our shared interests in commerce, mobility, and agriculture. We are enthusiastic about the success of the Expo 2031 World Horticultural Exposition.

We eagerly anticipate furthering our shared goals of enhancing global commerce and mobility in ways that benefit our planet and its people, particularly through the vital linkages of agriculture and logistics.


Bill Goins & John Pournoor

International Commerce & Mobility Forums

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Thanks for your support of Expo 2031!

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