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Modern Climate designs Theme and Expo 2031 Application as Founding Partner

Updated: Apr 7

January 12, 2024

Many thanks to our Expo 2031 Founding Partner, Modern Climate for designing our Expo 2031 theme, HUMAN/NATURE - Where Humanity and Horticulture Meet.

Horticulture is a great connector, existing at the point where the human condition and natural world converge. Whether medicinal, ornamental, edible or environmental—the industry’s impact reaches further and farther than ever before. The aesthetic wonders of foliage large and small fuel the soul, while the holistic properties of flora help heal the mind and body.

As the climate changes, technology advances, and the world around us evolves, we are drawn back to our roots. We recognize that the line separating plants and people grows ever thinner as horticulture strengthens the harmony between humans and nature.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the biosphere as we explore how local and global innovations, experiences, and expectations collide to push us toward a bolder, brighter future of growth.


“When the opportunity to support bringing World Horticulture Expo 2031 to Minnesota as a founding partner was brought to our attention, it was a quick “Yes!” We are thrilled to continue bolstering such an important and vibrant industry that’s been near and dear to our hearts as an agency for 15+ years, and look forward to bringing our horticulture industry expertise to this initiative.”

- Kris Fitzpatrick, President 

"Modern Climate provides clarity for the complexities of modern marketing. We merge fresh brand thinking, creativity, demand generation, and technology to help our clients see clearly and move boldly through the landscape of change."  

You can learn more about Modern Climate at:

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We're so lucky to have Kris Fitzpatrick and the entire Modern Climate team leading our Creative and soon Expo 2031 Official Logo + Brand!

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