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Expo 2031 Minnesota USA Team headed to AIPH Spring Meeting in Doha 3/1/24

Updated: Feb 29

(Sneak preview of Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA Master Site plan concept feature "Flowerworks" light show at night)

During the first week of March, the International Association of Horticulture Producers (AIPH) will host their 2024 Spring Meeting in Doha, Qatar alongside the current A-1 International Horticultural Exposition, Expo 2023 Doha.

Our team is looking forward to reconnecting with our AIPH Colleagues and to bring our bigger team including board members, horticulture industry experts and supporting civic leaders.

The AIPH Spring Meeting punctuates a key moment in the Application phase that Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA is accomplishing. With a stunning master site plan including new AI renders of what the Expo 2031 team and collaborators imagine the Expo 2031 Site will look like, and our Human/Nature Where Humanity and Horticulture Meet subthemes expressed with 3D imagery the Expo 2031 vision will come to life for the global horticulture leaders attending the meeting.

"We are ready to present highlights from our A-1 International Horticulture Exposition Application at the AIPH Spring Meeting. Both David Loehr's Paisley inspired Master Site Plan and Ryan McEnaney's Horticulturally-integrated Programming are sure to Wow our AIPH colleagues", states Wendy Meadley, CEO, Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA.

Stay tuned here for ongoing updates about Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA!

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Stay tuned here on our Blog as we will use this as our "travel log" throughout our Expo 2031 Application and Development process ->

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