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AIPH Secretariat Delegation comes to Minnesota

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As part of the formal application process to host an A1 World Horticultural Exposition in Minnesota, in 2031, the Expo 2031 Organizing team is hosting the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) Secretariat Delegation on July 17-18, 2024 in the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area.

The AIPH's Secretariat Delegation is visiting to validate the application of the Expo 2031 Minnesota effort. This is similar to the application also made to the U. S. Commerce Department as part of the formal approval process to bring Expo 2031 to Minnesota.

Federal, state, legislative, civic, and founding partner supporters are hosting the delegates orienting them to the region and our robust collection of horticultural resources and tourism amenities.

The Expo 2031 team expanded its capacity by convening a Delegation Committee to support the hospitality effort.

The visit is being hosted to specifically to review site options in relation to the Expo 2031 Master Site Plan by Expo's Chief Architect & Strategist, David Loehr, DLR Group.

The Expo site is yet to be announced.

The horticulture amenity and hospitality visits will include:

"We've received extensive support from across the region to support the Delegation Secretariat," shares Wendy Meadley, CEO, Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA. "Public and private sector leaders have a keen insight on how Minnesota can lead globally with its innovative and inclusive mindset."

Expo 2031 Board Chair, Ryan McEnaney collaborates continually with the horticulture, agriculture, and related green-industry partners. "This is a transformative moment in the industry with enormous amounts of green-tech innovation continually shaping how we grow and go to market," says McEnaney. "It is the perfect time for a World Horticultural Expo to be hosted in the United States - and especially Minnesota."

Thanks to our Delegation Committee and everyone who has shared their time and talents to showcase Minnesota on a global stage.

For more information > - or - +1.612.513.2107

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