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Letter of Support for Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA from Ken Fisher / AmericanHort

February 12, 2024

AmericanHort is pleased to support the effort to bring an A-1 International Horticultural Expo to the United States for the first time through EXPO 2031 LLC in Minnesota. EXPO 2031 LLC and its theme of Human/Nature aligns with the mission of AmericanHort to “unite, promote, and advance the horticulture industry”. This is a great opportunity to showcase the depth, breadth, and expertise of the horticulture industry in the U.S. and our ability to connect people with the benefits of plants. We look forward to working with the team on this exciting effort.

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Thanks Ken and AmericanHort for supporting Expo 2031 Minnesota, USA as the AmericanHort USA A1 World Horticultural Exposition Candidate with AIPH! #expo2031

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