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See the Future Podcast

Recently people have been asking us, "what's the difference between horticulture and agriculture... what's the distinction?"


The best response our horticulture colleagues have shared with us is as simple as this >

Horticulture is what you SEE

Agriculture is what you EAT


As we seek to host a World Horticultural Exposition in Minnesota USA in 2031 we will shed insight on this topic.


A bit into the FUTURE right?


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While we cannot predict the future, we can proactively shape it... to SEE THE FUTURE we want.


The great challenges of our time are closely linked with our physical planet and the plants that inhabit it.


We have an intricate interconnection to plants that is undeniable and our lives would unsustainable without them. They are POWERFUL partners to our current and future existence.


Our Expo 2031 SEE THE FUTURE Podcast will tap you into the greatest minds of our time who are leveraging Horticulture and the Power of Plants to define and shape a better future for us all.

Podcast Episodes Begin in January

In January we will begin introducing you to the Expo 2031 effort. Since it will be a first in the U. S., to host an World Horticultural Expo, there is much to share to get everyone in the know! 

January 11 , 2024

What is an A-1 World Horticultural Expo? 

A candid conversation with Treve Evans of the International Association of Horticulture Producers. (the AIPH)


January 18, 2024

Join us for a look at Horticulture Expos and learn about their impact. And what can it include? Expo Historian Charles Pappas will share his insights.

January 25, 2024

We're convening the Horticulture Industry with experts from across the USA- tune in to see how you can engage with Expo 2031.

Get a preview of our 2024 Application  LIVE from Northern Green, at RiverCentre, St. Paul, Minnesota. for Expo 2031 and meet Industry leaders making it happen including Ryan McEnaney, Bailey Nurseries.

2024 See the Future Podcast

Interested in being featured in our See the Future Podcast? We are including stakeholders and supporters of Expo 2031 >>> 

Reach out below to learn more and express your interest

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