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About our Green Wellbeing

For years, we’ve been told how many calories we can burn by working in our gardens. And that’s
fine, but it’s only part of the story. Being surrounded by and engaging with plants benefits the
whole-body well-being and not just burning calories. There’s a great opportunity for research to
better explore the connection of nature and mental health.
Consumer research has shown that home gardeners are actively looking at digging in the dirt to
help mental health, so partnering with researchers can confirm the hypothesis and help people
better understand how to engage with green. Additionally, therapeutic and memory care
gardens are the up-and-coming cousins to the community agricultural/urban gardens providing
harvest in food deserts. Not only can we showcase successful community garden concepts from
across the US, but this is an opportunity to bring in the medical field for research with
therapeutic and memory care gardens (and green infrastructure in general) to celebrate the
positive impact of horticulture on everyday life.

Horticultural Activation Idea Starters

Living walls and sensory rooms, horticulture therapy/ADA gardens, comparative office spaces
with and without live plants (like the comp study in The Public/Green Space) or co-working
spaces filled with plants, biophilic yoga/exercise facilities, volunteer opportunities to build long-
term community gardens during Expo.


Each of our Green Guide thematic topics has a curator and a collection of global thought leaders on the subject and work that is being accomplished in alignment with the UN Global Goals.

Our Planning Partner for our Green Wellbeing Committee is the Medical Alley Association.



While there may be more SDG Program alignments, here are the primary Global Goals aligned with our Green Wellbeing.


There are 7 other Green Guide Features, just click below to check them out >


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