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Our American Panorama



The United States is a mosaic of cultures that influence our daily lives. Exploring the history and impact of this uniquely American diversity is crucial to understanding who we are today and how we can collectively move forward. This philosophy carries into horticulture, specifically, but not exclusively to the impact of the African diaspora (in addition to the celebration of the Indigenous people in our Native/American Landscape subtheme).
The American/Landscape explores planting designs driven by need during times of early colonial America, spanning the continuum of the culture of enslaved workers and their heritage recipes to formal gardening and cuisine, our American landscape highlights the black, indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC) contributions to American horticulture.

Horticulture Intersection

Recreation of early colonial American culture landscapes like Monticello and Mount Vernon.
Planting seeds descendent from George Washington or Thomas Jefferson’s gardens. Kitchen
recreation to highlight the use of crops from the full range of culinary culture represented
throughout American colonial times that are represented in American culinary today. Activate a
Japanese Garden with interpretive signage to highlight the flora and fauna represented in the
garden and their evolution across the United States. Immigrant culture from across the
diaspora that represents American then and now.



While there may be more SDG Program alignments, here are the primary Global Goals aligned with our American Panorama.


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